Saturday, March 17, 2012


Thanks to all who tested the DISQUS widget for comments. However, after discovering some issues with its handling at Safari and Opera, it was removed.

Decided to go back to blogger comments without the captcha requirement. What that means is that I will moderate all comments once again. Yuch. I'll see how long that lasts until I tire of it.

A future approach may be to have all register to be able to comment. That may be the next solution if I tire of the moderating routine.


  1. I removed the captcha words, and don't use comment moderation. I have gotten some spam, but it has gone to the spam comment file in Blogger every time.

  2. Lloyd, have you been having problems with spam comments? While I still had comments turned on, I shut off word verification and moderation on posts less than 10 days old... and let Google filter out the problems. Worked like a champ. Of course, you have more comments than I did.

  3. Thank goodness - I hated that new word verification!

    I have no word verification or moderation set up, except, like Thom, if a comment is on a blog post that is more than 10 days old, it's moderated, just so I won't miss it.

    I occasionally have spam, but Blogger catches them, and every so often, I delete them.

  4. I really don't mind captchas even tho once in a while I have to ask for new ones. Whatever makes it easier for you, Lloyd, is OK with me.

    Chris H


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