Sunday, August 7, 2011

Red Insect Up Close

On a hike to Bridal Veil Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park with Donna and Roy, it was an overcast and at times rainy day. Lots of photo ops along the way with a few close ups.

This looks like a beetle, but since I am not an entomologist, it could be lots of things in the world of insects. Not a butterfly, moth or dragon fly, I'm opting for a beetle. Probably wrong about that. Perhaps I should just stick with a red winged insect slurping nectar or eating pollen on a yellow wild flower.

How about some hikers on the trail ahead on the way to the falls.

The destination -- Bridal Veil Falls:

After dining on a snack at the falls, we headed back to the trail head.

I've hiked to Bridal Veil many times when living in Denver -- spring, summer, fall and including winter when the falls were a cascade of ice. This 1993 scanned photo of Rich standing in front of the falls as suspended water.

No more winter hiking (snow shoeing) for this guy. Much prefer summer.

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