Friday, August 19, 2011

Blogger Comments

Several have written emails saying that they are not able to post comments at my blog. So after testing with different browsers, I've gone back to the "full page" version of comments. It seems the option "Embedded below post" does not work consistently.

Time to get those Google employees to fix this. Spend more time at the Google desk and less time at the cafeteria, yoga classes, the gym or what ever Google company benefit that happens to be their favorite.

Hopefully, my parameter change allows comments to appear once again.

Since I am on the subject of Blogger, some of you have no doubt noted the side bar gadget on the blog which lists the most popular posts based on statistics for the past month. About a week ago, I noticed the blog entry Airplane Nose Art from last October was among the most popular. Really cannot figure out how come. The number of hits is about half of those from the top item. How come so many hits almost a year after the original post. Where are those hits coming from. The referring sites/URLs contain the same sites/URLs that always appear.

Perhaps the URL is part of an email that is circulating among those interested in WWII airplane nose art. Whatever the source, I find it fascinating about the blog entry's popularity.

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  1. Hey, Lloyd. Let's see if your rework on the comment page works. I'm going to try to get in.