Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cattle To Skis

At Rabbit Ears Pass found lots of wild flowers still in bloom. At the last stages of their bloom they were still putting on a colorful show.

Continuing west from Rabbit Ears, the Yampa River valley provides a view to the horizon. For scenic material, it doesn't get much better that this. How about waking each morning to this view. Better yet, it faces west to see afternoon clouds roll in. On other natural high days, watch a sunset drop below the horizon.

It's been about 20 years since my last visit to Steamboat Springs. Things have changed. The town has gone from cattle ranchers' supply town to a ski town with all the attendant condos and chalets covering every acre of hillside south of the old down town.

They keep coming to Steamboat Springs. Met several when at the Ford dealer. Detected a New York accent on the service advisor. Had to get out of Wall Street. Or so he said. Not sure what he did. Why Steamboat Springs. Loves to fish. Not sure I got the whole story.

The 25 year old mechanic rode with me to hear Silver Slug's squeaky rattle. A native of Phoenix, he was done with heat. Especially as an auto mechanic. The job is under cars, always skinned and cut hands, dirty greasy hands... No plans to make auto mechanics a career as he heads back to college next year in Colorado. Still loving the green and cool of Colorado.

The third guy (mid 30s) arrived from Washington DC. DC area was just too crowded for him. Just packed up one day and headed west with Colorado as a destination. Settled on Steamboat Springs and is employed in maintenance for a large resort. After a year, still loves the slower pace and closer skiing. No need to travel long distances for bad snow. And let's not mention the DC area traffic.

Everyone has a story.

Not to worry... Silver Slug is just showing age. Like Lloyd.


  1. I think there are a lot of places going from cattle to Skis, or least from production to tourism.

  2. I was very confused - I thought you were heading south. Love the shot of Rabbit Ears pass.

  3. Why???? Are you starting to squeak?
    Try some WD-40

  4. Hi Lloyd,
    I remember you telling me one of your favorite areas in the US was in CO. Was it the SW or the NW region?

  5. Barb, West first. Then south.

    Jane and Dee, Yup. Creaking and clicking is what it all about. Looks like I need to put more oil in the diet. Not WD-40.

    John, The Four Corners region and Southwestern Colorado are my favorite exploring places. Love those rocks and texture to the landscape.


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