Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Update Cell Phone

Colorado River Island Acres SP is still a great place.

Updated the cell phone (*228) and now there are two bars for EVDO. One bar for 1X. That is a whole lot better than the zip that I had before the update.

No. Unfortunately, I wasn't bright enough to figure that out myself. Had a 3GStore pre-sales discussion. Reason for contacting them was to find something to improve the signal for the cell phone. Explaining to the rep that I had two bars on Mi-Fi but nothing on the cell phone, he wondered about updating the cell phones roaming. Right there I knew that was the answer.

My gadget collection includes a Wilson signal amplifier and the truckers antenna. Had that for those times when I was parked remote. At one time, I had a cell phone and an air card with capability to attach an external antenna. That signal amplifier worked great. Unfortunately, I no longer can use that hardware since my current cell phone and the Mi-Fi card do not have capability for an external antenna.

What to do. 3GStore had the answer; the Wilson Sleek will meet those remote connectivity requirements in the future. It will be ordered tomorrow to ship to general delivery in Ridgeway -- my next stop in Colorado.


  1. Lloyd, please give us your report on the Sleek after you get it. A fellow Lazy Dazer uses one and speaks highly of it.


  2. Thanks for the reminder. I do that about as often as I do backups. :-)


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