Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bucket List -- Not

There is no "bucket list" in my life. My exploring and living life is what is convenient.

That convenience happened recently when parked at Rifle Gap State Park. Located about 40 miles from Glenwood Springs, the destination was Hanging Lake for a hike. It was back in the early 1970s when I first heard about Hanging Lake. Too far to go for a day hike from my one time home in Denver, it would require at least a weekend trip.

Proximity to Glenwood Springs makes it a popular hike. The popularity of the hike puts a strain on the 116 parking spaces for weekends -- according to a local. Arriving early morning mid-week, I had no problem getting a space. However, when I returned from the hike, there wasn't a parking space available. A vehicle was waiting to take my space.

The sign at the trail head covered the essential points. Satisfied the pre-reqs for water and hiking shoes.

Signs didn't mean anything to some of the hikers. If they read them. There were hikers with a can of soda. A few were walking in flip-flops.

In spite of the little hiking and walking I've done in the recent past, I may not have been in the poor shape I thought I was. Managed to keep up with some of the younger set -- that is about 40 years younger.

The lake is a natural scenic gem. With benches constructed along the edge of the lake, some visitors brought a lunch. Most were taking photos of the turquoise colored lake. Most had real cameras except for the lady taking photos with her iPad.

Some of that younger set walked along a log which lay on the surface of the lake.

A further trek up a side trail above the lake found the source of the water. In addition to a falls from an unseen river above, there was water spouting from the rock just below the falls.

So if I had a "bucket list", I would be able to check off an item.

The more casual lack of direction or goals seems to work for me.


  1. Good job, Lloyd, with showing up those youngsters. I understand it's quite a climb.

  2. Definitely on my bucket list since I saw it on another blog. Thanks for the pictures!

  3. I enjoyed photographing both the lake and the many cascades & small waterfalls along the trail. I was there on july 22.


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