Friday, August 5, 2011

Camping With The Masses

I knew what to expect. A campground on a lake brings lots of people -- and kids -- with boats. Especially on the weekends. I arrived mid week from the Elks Lodge which is essentially a 55+ campground. When I arrived here at Boyd Lake State Park, it was a great two days until the crowds started appearing early this morning -- even before I headed off to do my exploring.

The camp fires are already lit early afternoon and the air is filled with the smell of smoke. Making matters worse, to encourage camp fires, a park concession drives through all the loops in the park selling more fire wood. Many people may not have thought of a fire, but now the firewood is delivered (for a price) to the campsite. The campers can't turn that down.

I already know there is no hope of having open windows this evening to enjoy the cool of the evening and the sound of crickets. As those fires die down, the dying embers produce only smoke. That smoke will find any open windows. Mostly mine.

Sitting around a fire, chatting and telling stories is fun. The good part is that as the wind changes, one can move around the camp fire to stay out of the smoke. Sitting inside Wandrin Wagon, it is not so easy to move to avoid the smoke.
It was a nice park when I was one of the three in this loop of the campground. Now. Not so good. I will get over it. The camping masses with their boats will all be gone by mid Sunday afternoon.

Here I find myself in the middle of the kiddie and boating world. Wonder if there is a 55+ campground where every one is in bed by RV midnight -- eight or nine. And there are no camp fires.

Okay. So I am a curmudgeon.


  1. Good for you! Sometimes I love being the "grouchy old lady." We've earned it.

  2. You sound just like us. I try to remind myself that those poor people are still working and deserve some fun their way. And of course, they'll be gone Sunday night.

  3. Same here....and for me the smoke is worse since I lose my voice and my chest gets tight. Holidays and weekends are bad in family campgrounds. We saw this in a packed family campground in PA over July 4th. This is one of the reasons we move on Monday or Tuesday...NEVER on Sunday. LOL!

  4. I will be 40 this Sunday 8/14... Is that too young to be a curmudgeon? If you think so , well I may be setting a new record!

  5. Barb and Ron, Retirement does have more flexibility.

    The smoke continues every night -- even after the weekend.

    Keith, Heck no. 40 is not too young to be a curmudgeon. Enjoy it.


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