Friday, August 19, 2011

Camping on the Poudre River

Glad to have left Front Range Colorado after over two months. Didn't take long to get off the beaten path as Silver Slug towed Wandrin Wagon along the winding Poudre River in the canyon formed by the river over the eons of geologic time.

From my research before this journey, I found numerous National Forest campgrounds along the river. From the campground descriptions I had narrowed my choices to just a few along the way. Tree cover is not a good idea when using solar power. Too many trees also interfere with satellite radio signals.

Wandrin Wagon was parked. Didn't bother to unhitch Silver Slug. I wasn't going anywhere -- until the next morning. A large space just a few feet from the river was optimal. Great fishing according to a fisherman walking along the shore of the Poudre.

No interest there. My idea of fishing is looking through the selection at the grocery store.

It was a day to relax with the river noises providing white noise. Began my restful day making a cup of tea. Turning my attention to books, I finished reading borrowed library downloaded eBooks.
Without a Verizon signal to waste time on the internet, I was unable to get moment by moment comments on the state of the recession -- or perhaps it isn't a recession. I don't stay on top of news when I do have the internet. The internet is used mostly for music, selected podcasts, selected blogs, etc. The music provides background while working on photos or other computer projects.

Cooler than the Front Range by about 10 degrees. It was very comfortable in the low 80s. Night time temperatures were cool at 6600 feet. It was 49 degrees outside when I got up. That explained why I dug out a large blanket in the middle of the night as the temperature dropped inside.

As I was getting ready to move the next morning, this new bloom greeted the day.

It was a perfect campground for my first night away from the maddening crowds at Boyd Lake. At $8.50 (with geezer card) a night, it was a pleasurable stay.

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