Monday, August 8, 2011

Books and eBooks

Couldn't resist. Borders bookstore going out of business. Bought several (12 to be exact) at 20% off. Mostly new titles that would be $13 as eBooks, these $16 soft covers cost me a little more than the eBook version. The good part is that a physical book has resale value when I sell them to Bookmans at 25% of the books price. The result is a net cost of about $9 per book.

Library eBooks.... However, I found an even better deal. Borrowing ebooks from a library. Son TJ loaned me his Westminster library card. Thank you TJ. That allows me to access the loanable library of ebooks from my iPad via the OverDrive App. The app includes browsing the shelves or search for specific available titles or authors. Just like a library, a book can be put on hold so when available, an email will be sent for me to download the available book.

Similar to a library's lending of real books, the ebooks are lent for a seven day read. At least that is my experience for the two books that I have downloaded. When done reading, with a swipe of my finger on the iPad, the book is returned to the library.

Don't have an iPad.... The process to borrow library ebooks can also be done from your computer via Adobe Digital Editions. Download the book to your computer and read the book with Digital Editions. Don't want to read on your computer. The book can be put on an eReader that supports the ePub format. That would be the Nook among others. Not the Kindle. Read the ebook and when done with the book, "return" the book to the library via the Digital Edition software.

Did I mention that I love my iPad. It is also a great eReader.


  1. Mine, too. I did not know about the apps you mentioned to get ebooks. Thanks for the information.

  2. I haven't quite figured out the library ebooks yet. That's the next step.

    The Tuckerbag

  3. 12 books....How much do they weigh????

  4. I've been downloading audio and e-books from my local library for a year or more. You have a choice in the length of time borrowed, up to 21 days (at least from my library). The audio books that go onto my MP3 player stay as long as I want, until I listen to them and then delete them. They are great to listen to while driving or walking. Anything that stays on my computer, whether audio or e-book, disappears after the time borrowed is complete.

  5. Dee, Yup. Books are ballast. Ebooks would be a better alternative to book ballast.

    Just Me, I've never gotten into the audio books. Most times, I am impatient with the readers. I could read faster.


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