Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lots Wrong Here

Note the photo and the signs on the building




The sign on the left reads: 

Now Hiring Great DR's and PA's

Remember when you went into a restaurant where there was a sign in the window that said "Hiring Wait Staff. Apply Inside." Of course the restaurant was understaffed and you waited a long time for service.

Lots of questions here for this business. How come the staff isn't already in place. Hiring doctors and physicians assistants via a sign hung outside seems rather unusual. It seems very strange that doctors and physician assistants would just walk in off the street and apply for a job. Then there is the grammatical problem with the apostrophe use in "DR's and PA's".

None of what I see gives me any confidence to consider getting care at this location.


  1. Beggars can't be choosers. Those of us too young to get a gold plated Medicare plan can't be as choosey about how we get our medical care! :-)

    1. I've been to urgent care facilities in the past. The most recent was to get a prescription for an inhaler when my primary doctor couldn't get his act together. Yes. Medicare did cover the visit.


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