Monday, April 14, 2014

Trichocereus In Bloom

Walking around the park a couple of evenings ago after dinner, I spotted some blooms on a trichocereus cactus. The cactus blooms late in the day and by the next day at noon the bloom has shriveled away.

With some time in front of the computer and with Photoshop, the bloom is the star of this photo.

Trichocereus is how the plant is identified at nurseries. Searching the internet, there is little information. I did find one entry that seemed to imply that the cactus was native to Peru. The cactus books in my library don't have a reference to it. Now you know as much as I do.

Note: One of this species (white or in color is still undecided) will be part of my landscaping in front of my home. That two by ten foot space will have several cactus plants. A Christmas Cholla has already been planted. There is no hurry to fill the remaining space. This is home -- for a while.


  1. Here's a good link bout this cactus. They are my favorite. If we ever live in Tucson, I'm going to plant a bunch of them.

  2. Go to Bach's. All colors are available. Bach's Greenhouse Cactus Nursery
    Address: 8602 N Thornydale Rd, Phone:(520) 744-3333

    1. That's half way to your house from east Tucson. When I make that trip to acquire a trichocereus, we will have to consider a brunch/lunch.

  3. Really beautiful, Lloyd. Greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  4. Nice pictures. And now I know more about cactus than I ever knew.


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