Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hitch Itch

Devil's Tower -- July 2007

The park's population is dropping daily as my snowbird neighbors at Far Horizons have left and headed north to their other homes. Those who don't have other homes, have hitched up their trailers or coaches to begin their summer journeys. There are some who are year round residents. There are some like myself who will be gone for only a few months before returning next fall.

With others preparing to leave the park and farewell activities, it was with nostalgia and "hitch itch" that I recalled the previous twelve years when I began my summer travels. If I still had Silver Slug and Wandrin Wagon, I would have started my travels. However, with the sale of my home on wheels that wasn't going to happen. So now with a home without wheels I will travel differently.

Tucson's nine months of good weather does not include the summer months of 100 degree temperatures. That is time for me to travel. On June 15th, I drive my Toyota Highlander from Tucson -- still in Arizona -- to Prescott. 200 miles north and at an elevation of 5000 feet, the daily temps will be cooler at Prescott -- 10 to 15 degrees cooler.

With a three month reservation at Prescott Valley for a park model in an RV park, that will be my base for hiking and exploring. Exploring beyond Prescott will include day trips to Cottonwood, Sedona, Payson and other points in northern Arizona. There are tentative plans for a several day trip to the Grand Canyon.

Recalling the great times of exploring and hiking over the past 13 years has given me a serious case of hitch itch.


  1. Northern Arizona is a great place to escape the summer heat. I spent a summer of workshops in Flagstaff and every weekend I would head to the Grand Canyon, either South or North Rim and I can still remember the cool times mixed with wonderful summer monsoon thunderstorms almost daily. Great memories. I hope you enjoy your northern retreat!

  2. Northern Arizona and New Mexico was our summer destination until last week when we got our call from John's cardiologist. His telemetry reports were assessed and now we are heading back to Indiana for a pacemaker. Hopefully, we will be back on the road in a couple or three months.

  3. have a great summer Lloyd…we are heading to Newfoundland…hopefully we can hook up next fall or over the winter…we were not around much this past year…safe travels no matter how you do it..

  4. Funny to see someone heading to Newfoundland. We leave tomorrow to fly there for a few days but next year we'll take a whole month and drive there and back. Love your pic at Devil's Tower, reminded me of the great hike Wayne and I took there!


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