Monday, April 21, 2014

Saguaro Bud To Bloom

These were the buds on April 4th.

Seven days later on April 11th.

Yesterday there was a single Saguaro bloom.

And a close up of the bloom.

In a few days I hope to be back to capture more photos of Saguaros in bloom.


  1. Cacti blooms are fascinating and so beautiful. I've never seen a saguaro bloom. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How beautiful. Would love to see the blossoms in person.

  3. We would like to see the Saguaro bloom, but I doubt we'll ever hang around down in AZ to see them. It starts getting too hot for us!

    1. It may be hot, but it is about adapting. Up early for the hike and back home by ten.

      If you can't see them in person, I will do the services of taking more photos and continue to share the photos of saguaros from my desert hikes.

  4. While living in Arizona years ago, we had a night blooming cereus in our yard. Gorgeous blooms. When I saw a bird eating one of the fruits, I impulsively picked one and ate it. Delicious!


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