Sunday, June 26, 2011

Random Photo -- Strutting

A peacock in full display...

Bad part is that the background is green. The peacock "struts his stuff" to impress the ladies of the species and not that stupid photographer that has been following him around for about 15 minutes.

Wildlife just doesn't understand pose instructions. There are no incentives for them to pose for the prefect photo. So the photographer requires lots of patience -- and time. Although I have lots of time, I don't seem to have the patience.

Just happy to end up with a pretty good photo of a peacock.


  1. He's beautiful!! And a great shot! Where was this taken? Peacocks are among my favorite 'things'!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Aren't peacocks gorgeous birds? I think this is a good shot - who ever has their camera out and ready at times like this? And like you said, the patience to wait for it. I don't usually.

  3. Janine, My luck was at the Leo Carrillo Ranch (park) at Carlsbad California.


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