Monday, June 6, 2011

Smoky Haze Sunset

The suspended ash from the forest fires in Arizona and New Mexico are resulting in red sunsets along the Front Range of Colorado. During the day, the sun shines through the ash which gives everything a yellowish color.

The major contributor to the ash is the Wallow fire near Alpine Arizona which has already burned over 200,000 acres -- over 300 square miles.

Note: Check out this link for Active Wild Fires. Rarely is this current, but may have been the situation a day or two ago.


  1. We're seeing it up here too in Red Feather. Hard to believe it can travel so far but yesterday the afternoon light was a crazy yellowy-color, like during fall. Very odd and a reminder that the season's just getting started. Scary stuff.

  2. That's scarey. I lived in Placerville when there were fires quite far away, but we had the same hazy skies and ash falling on everything. I guess the winds brought it our way and we were in a basin. Makes you want to wear a mask.

  3. We are west of the Wallow fire in AZ, probably about 100 miles. Since the wind is blowing towards you and away from the fires, we have seen no smoke. At least they are starting to get it under control finally.


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