Monday, June 20, 2011

No Place to Store

No place to store stuff is a good thing. Remember that storage shed on my lot at the Saguaro SKP park in Benson. Soon it will be no more. It didn't blow over in some recent wind -- or burn in the fires that are burning up large areas of Arizona.

During my last stay at the SKP park in March, I had put my name on the "wish lists" for some bare lots. After a phone call last week and after money exchanges hands, my interest in lot 63 will be gone and lot 25 will be my space at the Benson SKP park. Almost directly across the street from lot 63, it doesn't have the view, but it is a bare lot without a storage shed. Great.

It was in February of 2010 when I moved to lot 63 with the views of the Dragoons with beautiful and colorful sunrises and sunsets. However, lot 63 also had a storage shed. I really didn't want the storage shed, but it came with the view. Most of the residents in the park were very happy for me that I now had a storage shed. Huh. I had hoped that the occasional strong winds would blow it over. Wasn't going to happen. It was built too well and anchored to a concrete foundation.

Storage is for things that are not needed. If I need the item, it will travel with me. There is another downside to having an interest in a lot at the park. Maintenance is the lot lease holder's responsibility. There are times where the wind is merciless and removes shingles from the storage shed roof. Arizona summer heat is not kind to wood and paint. Eventually, the shed will require maintenance. The truth is I don't own storage shed. The storage shed owns me.

Soon there will be no storage shed. Life is good.


  1. Congratulations. Lack of being owned by stuff is a major improvement in lifestyle as we both know. Minimal ownership means minimum weight on our shoulders.

  2. Yes, I have to agree at this point in my life. It was very freeing to sell everything of value I wasn't taking with me, and give the rest away to Salvation Army. I don't want to have to worry about anything in storage that I'd have to someday deal with. And pay for the storage. :(

  3. If you had a 'like' button, I would hit it!

  4. Why didn't you just sell the shed to somebody who needs one?

  5. I wrote this quasi-haiku a couple of days ago:

    Garage Sale! No thanks.
    Of stuff I have enough.

  6. Barb and Ron, Cost to move was more than it was worth. In addition most of the residents seem to prefer a casita with lots more storage space.

    John -- my sentiments. Wish I could keep myself from going to thrift store for just another tropical themed shirt. Sometimes I actually donate some of the older ones.

  7. A fellow itinerate feels the same way about vehicles... and is living proof they aren't a necessity. I wonder to what extreme I'll take this reductive line of logic...


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