Thursday, June 30, 2011

Alternate View

Hiking a short trail in Boulder's hills with Donna, Roy and Lee there were lots of photo ops for the photographers on the journey. It was a Canon crowd. Roy and Lee were using dSLRs while my choice for this hike was much more compact and could easily slip in my pocket -- the Canon SX230 HS.

The hike was along a very small stream (two feet wide) along a steep sided valley with many species of flora -- no fauna. At least we didn't see any.

Steep sided valley with lots of shade and moisture from the stream was a good environment for moss and fungus and lichen. A career in Information Technology gave me no background to do a proper identification -- of a colorful collection of something.


  1. For such a tiny camera you get great pictures!

    ~ The Tuckerbag ~

  2. That's a great pair in the top photo. Quite similar visually despite being materially different.

  3. I'm so jealous of the camera - I was just looking at it yesterday, but can't justify another camera quite yet.


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