Friday, June 17, 2011

Random Photo -- Bald Eagle Pair

During the last year of my employment I took several vacations. One was to Alaska with Camp Alaska. Bring my sleeping bag and personal stuff. Tents, route, stops was arranged with frequent diversions based on the groups desires.

For me, camping was a great way to travel for three weeks. A portion of the tour was on the inside passage on the Alaska Maritime Highway. One of the stops was at Juneau for a very wet hike in the nearby hills. A heavy mist (rain) was still falling when I spotted this pair of bald eagles posing for photographs. Another of those "right time -- right place" photos.

With Wandrin Wagon in tow, how about a return visit to Alaska. There are times I have actually considered it. It's a long journey to Alaska and Alaska is a big place with lots to see.

If I ever got serious about a repeat visit to Alaska, I would use Camp Alaska once again -- and see some of those areas I didn't see the last time. One of those areas I didn't explore was Wrangle-St. Elias. On a return, it would be a definite visit.


  1. Wow! They are beautiful! Terrific shot!

  2. Beautiful! It looks like they were just waiting for you, and with the misty background, it's a great shot. :)

  3. Nice shot. I'm still waiting for one like that!

  4. Beautiful shot!

    On my bucket list is a trip up the Inside Passage on the ferry.


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