Monday, July 4, 2011

Trail Ridge Is Open

Trail Ridge Road (US Hwy 34) through Rocky Mountain National Park was opened late June. Usually open by Memorial Day in May, this year it took longer than usual to remove all the winter snow accumulation. Additional late snows hampered the progress of the snow blowers to open the road by Memorial Day.

Rich was the tour driver which included Tricia (Rich's niece) and Keith from Connecticut. I chose my Canon G11 camera for this journey. Bad decision considering the wildlife seen along the way. Could have used a telephoto lens.

Before getting ahead of myself, how about Tricia and Keith standing atop the snow on June 29th.

The wildlife included deer, moose and elk bulls in velvet. This herd of cow elks was close enough to the road to allow a photo op without a long lens.

We were headed in the direction of that ominous sky. Soon it was slush balls and small hail pelting the car.

After a lunch at the Grand Lake Lodge we headed back to Loveland. Soon after entering the west entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, we were passing through the willow swamps where we spotted several bull moose and a cow moose and calf. Without a telephoto lens, this is the best I could do.

There were lots of scenic photo ops for "post card" qualification. There were many to choose from, but for me the angles of the distant mountain and foreground trees made this the most interesting.

In closing, how about a wild flower photo shot.

Thanks to Rich for making the drive and allowing me to gape and awe at Nature's beauty in Rocky Mountain National Park.


  1. So much beauty in the Rockies! Happy that you are enjoying the great scenery!

  2. Hi, I'm glad I tuned in. Love the pics. You capture such beauty through those tiny lens. Enjoy, my friend. Mary B.


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