Sunday, July 10, 2011

Monsoon Moisture

Although I've been parked in Westminster since the first of June, I still marvel at the predominance of the color green. Sounds like I've spent too much time in the brown and tan desert southwest. Sure there are green cactus, but that bit of green is only an accent color.

Summer monsoons moved in from the southwest three days ago. Each afternoon dramatic skies develop with dark clouds against a blue sky. Soon clouds are overhead with strong winds, sheets of rain and sometimes hail. Inside the Wandrin Wagon being pelted by hail is not pleasant as I try to decide where to take protection from the inevitable hail that will come right through the roof. Convinced the hail must be the size of a baseball, I check out the window to see half inch hail.

The clouds and rain start early afternoon and after three successive showers, the attempt at a memorable sunset was poor.

When returning home one afternoon in the middle of a downpour, I stopped at a grocery. In the parking lot was a convertible with the top down. There was no point getting soaked walking to the store so I got out the iPad and played a game of Scrabble. Once the rain stopped, I did my shopping and returned to Silver Slug to find the convertible had already gone. Rats. I had hoped to see the nonchalance of the driver sitting in a puddle of water behind the steering wheel.


  1. I'm still looking forward to experiencing a storm in The Palms, but I'm a little worried about hail. Glad your hail wasn't baseball sized, but half-inch hail is still pretty good sized.
    I like your header of the petrified wood. And the very interesting sunset - it could also be a sunrise.

  2. We just returned from a 2800 mile trip that put us in Silverton, Co for 12 days. Wish I was still there.

  3. This feels like the Colorado of 25 years ago...except it was just 4:00 showers..not downpours!

  4. Please send some rain our way........


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