Wednesday, July 20, 2011

International Collection

Too many shirts to launder them all at the same time. It has been done, but this time as I was putting the shirts on hangars, I noted the country of manufacture. It is an international collection of Hawaiian shirts in my closet.

Country of manufacture included Guatemala, Indonesia, Macao, Hong Kong, India, St. Kitts, Korea, etal. Once my curiosity was started, I began to wonder whether any had been made in the US. Took a lot of looking, but I did find two that were made in the USA -- Hawaii. Imagine that.

Didn't have to go to Hawaii to get those shirts. Without a bridge, it is hard to get there with Silver Slug and Wandrin Wagon in tow. Those shirts were acquired at thrift stores. Sometimes with a senior discount.

Considering the number of shirts, it is quite obvious I don't subscribe to a minimalist philosophy -- at least for Hawaiian shirts. More likely, it appears that Wandrin Lloyd has a Hawaiian shirt addiction.


  1. There are worse addictions. LOL ...It appears blue is your favorite color. Nice !!! Mary B.

  2. I too enjoy wearing Hawaiian shirts although I only have 4 in my collection. They are so cooool when wearing in 100+ degrees temperatures that I am experiencing here in Tyler, TX.

  3. It's rare for this blog to have typos, but in the first sentence you were putting shirts on "hangars", which actually are buildings that you store airplanes in. Then again, considering your fondness for shirts, maybe hangars really are preferable to hangers.

  4. Mary B, Yup. Blue it is!

    Jimmelvin, My collection is all cotton. Not so cool.

    Boonie, It would have been great if it was an intentional pun. To counter those problems in the future, perhaps Blogger could create a language checker in addition to spell checking.

  5. Love those shirts! And they go with any color or style of pants.

  6. Ah, Lloyd... I claim that Minimalism is misunderstood!

    It doesn't mean, or shouldn't mean, doing without... But rather... to have the Minimum of what you NEED to be happy... and... for a man to have a closet full of Hawaiian shirts... sounds like pretty respectable Minimalism to me! :)

    Me? It's a big Red Motorcycle! HooYa! :)

    I would have to disagree with Me and My Dog.... Uh... I don't think I'd like to see those shirts above PLAID :)

  7. Blue has to be your favorite color....Matches your eyes.......


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