Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Denver Downtown Walk

A quiet Sunday morning is a great time to tour downtown areas without the hustle and bustle of the office towers' white collar workers. As an overcast morning, it was a great time for photo ops.

Beginning with some flowers in a planter.

Walls of older buildings provided a bill board space promoting businesses and their services. These signs may date to 100 years ago when horse drawn carriages and wagons provided transportation. In addition to hardware and lumber, blacksmith services were also provided to make things of iron for the customer.

There are also modern day signs. However, they are not painted on the wall, but a bill board provides this advertising. Although not really visible in this photo, there is a rope hanging from the top of the building to the bottle of Crown Royal. Crown Royal purple is my color.

Along the 16th Street Mall, it is neat and tidy. Where does all the human detritus go. "Hiding" in an alley off the Mall I found where it all goes. And not very neat and tidy.

Here are towers of the old and new. The Daniels and Fisher tower built in 1911 was the tallest structure in Denver at that time. The tower behind was complete in 2010. That new tower is about function. The old tower has an Italianate character.

New buildings were under construction during this economic down turn. At the same time, maintenance is done on the old construction. Here it was the stone of the Mall requiring repairs. How about this latest design in hard hats.

The good part about this walking tour is that I was able to get some much needed exercise.

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  1. You did a wonderful job of seeing, so many people only look around without seeing. Nice photos!


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