Sunday, September 7, 2014

Donating Pennies

"A penny saved is a penny earned." -- Ben Franklin

I was out of balance. I was listing and staggering to the right when I walked. I also felt a tugging sensation at the belt line on the right side. Turns out there was a coin build up in that pocket. There were about 20 pennies along with nickels, dimes and quarters. That would be a lot of tip money for this miser.

All those coins is a sure way to put holes in the pocket. The real accumulation is the pennies. That extra weight on the right side caused me to walk funny. Okay. So I do walk funny. But those coins in the pocket is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

When I know I am going to get pennies at the check out lines, I can't seem to restrain myself. Soon I am editorializing on why the US may be the last Western country to continue the penny in circulation.

Since this one man battle to rid the US of the penny is going no where, I've decided to take a positive approach. I am going to take up philanthropy. All future pennies received in change will be donated to charity. Yes, I know. That is pretty generous of me. But I will feel good about it.

Usually, I don't have to search far for a charity looking for donations. Whatever charity container is at the checkout line will get the pennies. Soon the charities will be clambering to get my excess pennies. I will make a difference.

The positive is that donating those excess coins should deter an ice bucket threat.

No doubt Ben Franklin would support stopping the production of the penny and earning millions of dollars for the US.

I've been griping about the penny in circulation for over a decade including some entries on this blog.  One entry: No Pennies -- Not Cheaper

Before the US does anything about coinage, the loss of 105 million making pennies and nickels will be studied. This cynic is sure nothing will change.

Canada phases the penny out of circulation.


  1. At least the pennies last for years. I'm on a personal campaign to switch to coin dollars. It's surprising the reaction you get at the bank when you ask for them.

    1. No argument here. Remember that study group that came up with lots of recommendations to save money. One was to replace dollar bills with coins. Didn't take but a nano-second for the two senators from Massachusetts to introduce a bill that the one dollar bill could not be taken out of circulation. Guess why. The company that supplies that special paper on which dollars are printed comes from the state of Massachusetts.

      Yup. I gave up trying to find them. When in the Denver area last time, I had to go to the downtown office of USBank to get them.


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