Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rainy Days In Tucson

The monsoon rains continue to provide welcome moisture for Tucson. This was the view this morning where I had gone for a blood draw for a well physical check up.

A week ago three inches of rain fell on parts of Tucson. According to a weather watcher in east Tucson, there was over two inches in my neighborhood.

Drinking too much can be hazardous. This prickly pear ODed on water and with a small root structure the cactus collapsed.

The next day, the park's maintenance crew removed most of the cactus. Setting the stump upright, it will take a few years to regain the size before it collapsed.

With the moisture, the desert landscape has gone from predominate shades of brown to shades of green.

On a recent hike right after that rain, there was standing water on several points along the trail. That is where I found the reflected sky in the trail pond.

With this summer moisture, wild flowers are in bloom.

On another early morning five mile hike, I did not meet another hiker. However, I did have a walking companion joining me in every step.

More rain is predicted.

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