Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Another Quagmire

And don’t believe a word of “no boots on the ground,” which is a classic “just sending in advisors” kind of thing that ends up with 40,000 dead kids and thousands more maimed and mentally ill, many of which we don’t even care for now.
Quoted from James Campion's column: Reality Check: Obamawar


  1. I never would have thought President Obama would turn out to be nore of a warmonger and big spender than President Bush was. He campaigned on the budget deficit expansion as being "unpatriotic" and the endless US international interventions as bad policy. He is one of the few senators who voted against raising the debt ceiling and against the Iraq war. I took him at his word and voted for him. I don't expect much from politicians, but I don't think I've ever been more dissapointed by one in my life. I may never vote again! What's the point?

    1. Agreed. Money and smear campaigns are effective in getting elected. My vote for the other guy means nothing. It's drowned in the avalanche of votes for the guy who ran the smear. During my last 13 years of wandering, I had not voted. With a settled existence, my future votes will never be for the incumbent. Time to get new blood -- good or bad. Of course I am a single -- perhaps thinking -- voter.

  2. Yes, agreed. I would expand on that, but ... I'd rather not on your blog. :)


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