Sunday, September 28, 2014

Buy a Chair -- Support Your NFL team

This line up of NFL team logoed chairs were outside the Bed Bath and Beyond store. They are priced at $29.95. Each. That chair will rot in the sunshine and depending on the weight rating it may collapse when the first football sized person sits in the chair. We have all seen them in the dumpster.

My most recent purchase of (non logoed) folding camp chairs was several years ago. They were about $16. (They were used during my nomadic travels. They now reside in the shed.) Making the assumption that the same chair could be purchased today at $19.95, that is $10 paid for the privilege of sitting in a chair with your NFL team's logo. Note: that logo is not visible when you are sitting in it.

No doubt the product cost to the retailer already includes the price of the logo. Is there an NFL rep at the manufacturer counting the chairs with the logo. I wonder how much the NFL gets for each logo.

Considering the salaries of the commissioner, the league owners, and the players, a five dollar charge seems quite possible -- 17% of the chair's purchase price.

So head out and buy an NFL team logoed chair to keep your NFL team from financial insolvency.


  1. Professional sports--what a racket! Seahawk Fever is everywhere here & most people don't realize they're basically being taken advantage of every time they buy a logo-ed product, go to a game, etc. There's big $$ in professional sports & I'd rather keep my $ than hand it to rich players & team owners.

  2. Add to the fact the NFL is tax exempt because it is a non-profit, the absurdity really adds up.

  3. I like the $2 folding chairs we pick up at garage sales. People buy these things and never use them.


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