Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Relationship With The Internet

Since my recent post Considering A Newspaper, I was reconsidering what I am doing on the internet.

I have a Twitter account. The intent was to share links on the internet that I found interesting. However, the number of Twitter followers is a fraction of those who follow my blog. Instead of Tweeting those URLs, I will save and post them in a "sharing" blog entry.

I will keep the Twitter account so I can follow those who link to articles informing of healthy living.

There have been several times that I had signed up on Facebook. After a few days of nagging emails of "you may know there people", I canceled the Facebook account.

Signing up for Google+ seemed a good idea. I am not sure why I did that. I never go there to check on those who are in my circles. Soon I will cancel Google+ and just use Blogger.

About a year ago, I had considered using WordPress as my blogging software. I was struggling to get the layout I wanted and I was learning how to do a lot of things I had already been doing without a thought on Blogger. A few days ago, I went back to that project and soon gave up when I realized I wasn't writing enough blog entries to justify the effort to learn WordPress.

In the recent past, there have been fewer blog posts. With my settled existence and without new interesting items, I find little to share. At least I don't believe there is anything to share regarding my local exploring. Or living. I would be repeating myself if I wrote about my every other day hikes. Without snakes or the unusual incident along the hike, there is nothing to blog.

There are some bloggers who write daily. They always have something to write about -- from the trite to the interesting to the informative. Some write several times a week. That would be a goal that would be more manageable, but what do I write about. A blogger who writes almost daily mentioned The Daily Post in several of his blog posts.

When I checked out the site, I found they were going to start a Blogging 101 "class" on September 15. Not sure if it was a good idea, but I registered. Okay. It was a good idea. There was always something to be learned from every technical, managing and sales classes that I took during my working career. I will learn something in the Blogging 101 course.

At the same time I will continue to work on my relationship with the internet.

Registering for the blogging class reminds me of a English Lit correspondence course I attempted. That would certainly be material for a blog post.


  1. regarding healthy living...have you seen Food Inc? I mention it because I'm watching it now on Pivot. I strive to eat vegan (health reasons) and I'm always looking for foods to keep me off of drugs

  2. I have not seen Food Inc. It may not be healthy for me to watch something that will raise my blood pressure. ;-) Eventually I will see it. It was placed on the library reserve list after I had returned from my Prescott summer stay.

    1. :-) I too have blood pressure problems....doing my best to control it with diet

    2. Oops. Actually, my blood pressure is normal. The movie might take it out of normal. I am one of those rare people at this age who take no medications. None. The recent visit to a new primary doc said I was really boring.

    3. at 66 I take no meds either...but only because I try to eat better

  3. Did you just change your header photo, or did I totally miss it before? It's really pretty - I'd love to have that outside my park model some day. "Enjoy the Journey" - I like that, too. I'm heading over to the links you provided. If it looks good, I might sign up for Blogging 101, too. I've been reaching lately to find things to post about. And posting less and less. :)

    1. The header photo changes periodically. There is no set frequency to the change. It really depends on new scenery suitable for the header photo. All previous header photos are in a gallery on Picasa.


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