Thursday, August 1, 2013


How about that for an onomonopic string of letters. That was the sound that woke me from a sound sleep. Probably was a pleasant dream that I was experiencing. However, there is no recollection of the dream. I will never know how that story ended.

It was 3:39 a.m. when I heard WNGWNGWNG. Why do I remember the time. More importantly, why did I look at the clock. Guessing the subconscious brain was trying to decide if that was the alarm clock and if it was time to get up.

Well. It didn't take long to realize it was from some siren in the kitchen area. It was the Safe-T-Alert propane detector that was making that infernal racket. Considering the close quarters in the RV park, no doubt my neighbors also heard the alarm. (They haven't mentioned it.)

Pressing the test/mute button made the unit stop the infernal noise. Now I was wide awake standing in the kitchen in sleep attire -- nothing. (I know. Too much information.) Couldn't smell propane. Opened some cabinets near the floor. Nothing there either.

Back to bed again and picked up a book. There was no way to go back to sleep after that. Reading for less than five minutes and the WNGWNGWNG was there again.

In the middle of the night, the internet is the source for information. Powered up the Mac and onto the internet. Found lots of suggestions. Eliminated dog farts. No butane lighter nearby. No drive by car exhaust. How about dust buildup. Considering my cleaning habits and the dust that I had seen collected on the unit, I got out the vacuum. That set off the alarm again, but I kept at it for a few more seconds to suck out any more dust.

In the outside chance that odors from the garbage set it off, the garbage was placed outside.

If I was going to get any sleep, I would have to disconnect the thing. Removed the 12 volt fuse that supplied power and went back to bed with a book in hand. With that I was unprotected from propane leaks. What is life without some risk.

Yesterday morning when I got up, power was restored to the unit. Been there ever since -- all through last night.

No beeps. No chirps. Could I actually have fixed the situation by doing a little vacuuming. Perhaps. But I am not ready to declare success just yet.

Without a middle of the night rude awakening over the next week, I will resolve to do a better job of cleaning. Yeah. I can hope.


  1. Mine failed about two years ago. the alarm waited a few days and started misbehaving again. And Again. And again a week later. New unit and not a peep since them.

    1. After similar stories from others, they all ended up replacing the unit. With that information, my unit will be replaced in the near future.

  2. You sure it wasn't monsoonal humidity?

    I used to put a piece of tape over the sound-emitter on the propane detector. It actually cut the (high frequency) sound in half. The noise level of those things is better matched to a 3000 square foot house than to a 150 square foot RV.

    Also, false alarms scare the crap out of dogs.

    Why not downsize the propane detector and the potential propane leaks? Get rid of the the RV refrigerator and water heater.

    1. Interesting suggestion about tape over. No dog to scare, but sure did scare this old boy.

      Excellent suggestion about a further downsizing to a "hard sided tent" without propane. That would reduce my carbon foot print a little more. That option will be considered. Lightly. :-)

  3. I had the exact thing happen last year. I was still so new at this, I was afraid to go to sleep and called my son and son-in-law for advice, as well as going on-line.

    Turned out the expiration date on the unit was past, and I ordered a new unit; no problems since then.

    Yeah, a new unit is a good idea. I'll bet that will solve your problem.

  4. Thanks for reminding me that I need to pull out the fridge in the house and vacuum the coils. It's been well over a year!


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