Sunday, August 4, 2013

Unloading Part 2

Unloading. Relieving stress. Cooling off. Venting. Ranting.

A previous venting was last October in Unloading. This is time to share a few more issues that I ponder from time to time.

11. Insurance is about spreading the costs across a large number of premium payers. Medicare is a national pool of insured premium payers. The only way for insurance company execs to make big money with National Healthcare was for smaller pools of the insured at the state level.

12. How about purchasing driver liability insurance at the fuel pump. You buy fuel and then drive. You're covered. A couple of pennies on every gallon of fuel would pay for the insurance.

13. When white collar crime is not prosecuted and banks will never fail, the message to the college graduate is to get a job with a bank.

14. Noted in a Forbes list of wealthy people that there were several who made their wealth via hedging. Those new entrants to that list is due to U.S. tax law providing an effective method of making lots of income which is taxed differently and much less than ordinary income.

15. Has any municipality or state ever done an audit of the return on the reduced taxes for corporations to stay or relocate to their tax base.

16. Corporate welfare is bad enough. However, tax payers footing the bill for a sports stadium for a team owned by an individual is worse. Bankrupt Detroit is the latest falling for the scam that building an arena is good for the city. See Dave Zirin's Billionaire Gets New Sports Arena in Bankrupt Detroit

17. Whether a product is endorsed by a sports figure, movie star or other recognizable face, the data shows that consumers will buy more of the product versus an unrecognizable face/name. Why.

18. There are good and bad lawyers. It's about winning the case at all costs. The lawyer knows it was illegal or the client is guilty, but the lawyer doesn't lose cases.

19. How come elections are not held on weekends when more people can get to the polls to vote.

20. Considering the proliferation of hand sanitizers everywhere, that process will no doubt create "hand sanitizer" resistant bugs.

That is enough for today. No doubt I will come up with more for a post at future date.


  1. My favorite of your Unloading series is from #1, item number 4:

    4. This is not original, but Senators and Congressmen should wear the logos of their "sponsors" on their suits -- like NASCAR drivers.

    What a great idea. Also, their congressional websites should have the logos of their sponsors, too.

    Keep 'em coming, Lloyd!

  2. Regarding 15, yes studies have been done, and no the money lost due to tax breaks is not off set by other economic benefits.
    Regarding 17, I think it's because people are idiots.


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