Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Blue Moon

Summer season's blue moon. 

Why a blue moon... Quoting the essential words from: August's Blue Moon: Lunar Oddity of Night Sky Explained

Names were assigned to each moon in a season: For example, the first moon of summer was called the early summer moon, the second was the midsummer moon, and the last was called the late summer moon. But when a particular season has four moons the third was apparently called a Blue Moon so that the fourth and final one can continue to be called the late moon.

Another unusual night time event occurred in the early morning hours two nights ago. About three I was awake to hear a great horned owl hooting. After several of the territorial calls, I decided to step outside (after I put on some clothes) to see if I could spot the owl. Looked in the direction of the hooting and I spotted the owl at the top of a pine tree. Watched as more calls were made.

Seems I was the only one awake at three in the morning. No others heard the owl. Without a corroboration from another bird watcher, I understand that I cannot claim the sighting. Sorry. You will just have to believe me.


  1. Great that you saw him, usually when I hear them in the middle of the night I listen for awhile and then go back to sleep. Maybe next time I'll venture out.

  2. It didn't happen unless someone else also saw it? Time for a private list, then ... Cool sighting.

  3. Beautiful view of the blue moon in Maine! Neat you saw the owl.


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