Friday, August 23, 2013

Cobble Stone Art

Natural stone constructed buildings are works of art. Those beautiful buildings have provided me with many photo opportunities.

Hewed, carved and dimensioned stone is the most usual form in building construction. Field rubble and cobble stones are a more fascinating building material. Selection of the rock to fit while building a wall would qualify as art.

The best example of cobble stone construction is the Golden Armory (Colorado).  A three story building, the cobbles are not decoration. They comprise the walls of the entire building.

The first two photos show the main entrance on the west side, 

The bottom floor of the three story building is accessible from the north side. This photo on the south side shows the entrance at the second floor.

Driving on the streets of nearby Arvada, I saw this brick built home integrated with a cobble built chimney and front porch pillars.

Constructing an entire building of natural stone no longer happens. If it does, I have not seen it. Some building construction with stone is done in retaining walls, entry ways or other decorative features of a building. Not the entire building.

A mason who builds with natural stone qualifies as an artist.


  1. A mason who builds with natural stone qualifies as an artist.

    I agree having done some masonry. It takes great skill to build a wall with uneven stones.

  2. Pretty, you only see that in field walls around here.


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