Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First Days Of August

Shorter days. Longer nights. Cooler days. Cooler nights. Happens every year during the first couple of days in August. No plans to get out the long pants. Yet. The cool and rainy days will be followed by more 90 degree days.

(A screen capture from the iPad earlier today.)

The high today at my home on wheels was 72 degrees. Predictions were right.

Been in the Denver area longer than anticipated. I had hoped to get to the mountains for cooler weather in early August. Delayed that departure due to doctors' visits.

That's okay. The temps have moderated. It is cool enough here for this skinny guy who prefers to wear Hawaiian shirts and shorts.

Going to be around a bit longer. One more doctor's appointment. Extended my stay here by paying the rent through the first of September.

Still wandering -- and wondering. It was a great day.


  1. Yep doctors keeping me here in Decatur Alabama longer than desired also. Looking like Sept.12 before I get to roll back west again. Have fun.

  2. We will be pulling into the Elk's sometime next week. See you then.


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