Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Happy Birthday

...to me.

First, thanks to all of you who have already wished me Happy Birthday via phone, emails or comments on this blog.

I'm heading into my 74th year of living. For those with a mathematical mind, you immediately know that I am celebrating my 73rd birthday. Wow. I remember when anyone in their seventies was a really old person. No doubt to anyone under 30, I would look like a "grandpa". You know the type: thinning gray hair; saggy wrinkly skin; opinionated. Yup that would be me. Depending on the age of that person under 30, I could be a great grandfather. Really old and more wrinkled.

The only grand parentage I can claim is several grand pets. Since they have been neutered or spayed, there will be no great grand pets. :-)

Digging through the archive of photos that I inherited from my mother's diligent saving, here is a photo of me in first grade. Looks like the once missing front teeth are growing back. Still have them. With some minor repairs.

My formal education began at a country parochial two room school. There are few memories of those school days. One of those memories is about reading books. At the rear of the classroom was a book case of perhaps five or six shelves. To read those books, you received permission from Miss Alma (the teacher). She dutifully recorded your reading. At the end of first or second grade, I received an award for reading the most books. Considering Mom saved most everything, I wonder where that award went. There were times I could have used that award when applying for a job.

This 73rd birthday celebration began at Starbucks with my tea being free. Then it was off to do errands and grocery shopping. Had to get my birthday dinner: seared salmon, cucumber salad and cheese cake for dessert. In case you're wondering, I didn't eat the cheese cake crust. The cheese cake may not be paleo, but an occasional sin is allowed at this advanced age.

It was another great day as I was able to celebrate another milestone in life's journey.

What I actually celebrated was the anniversary of my birth. Since few were there at my birth, the usual happy birthday greeting is appropriate for those many others. Essentially, I am wished a belated happy birthday -- year after year. Okay. So it's just words.


  1. Well Happy Birthday to you, too! I celebrated my anniversary yesterday. Here's to many more with good health!

  2. Happy Birthday to you!!! Have a blessed year.


  3. Well then, Happy Anniversary of your birth day!

  4. Happy Birthday...and many more!

  5. Congratulations young man. Keep the balance and have fun.

  6. Belated happy birthday to you. To some people you're still a youngun'. My Mom just turned 83 in March.

  7. Happy Birthday! I also have one coming up on August 2.

  8. Hey Happy Birthday!


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