Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July

In bed this morning at four o'clock there were early celebrations. Considering the nearby fireworks stand, I wondered momentarily if there was an arson attack. Whatever it was, the celebration was short lived.

Wonder what happened to Independence Day as a celebration. Appears the holiday is now the Fourth of July. Abbreviating it even further, it is the Fourth. Much of that is courtesy of the media. Also reduces the number of letters on grocery ads promoting the traditional grill items "now on sale": bratwurst, hamburgers and hot dogs.

Sure is no longer Independence Day. With the recent NSA revelations, seems the USA citizenry has traded independence from England in 1776 to the US government agencies snooping into private lives without any consent of the governed. Additionally, enacting laws without citizen consent seems to be the norm for most laws passed by the federal and state government legislatures.

On that less than happy note, it is time for my afternoon social hour celebration.

As a result of those comments, this post will be passed around the federal agencies. Shortly after that I will be declared a person of interest. It's a good thing I have no intention to do plane travel since my name will undoubtedly appear on the "no fly" list.


  1. Hey! I never heard of you, never met you, never talked to you. (I do have to fly sometimes.)

  2. I guess you are trying to lose half your readership. A "travel blogger" is supposed to limit his comments to pretty scenery, escapism, the weather, or whether he went shopping at Walmart today.


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