Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sculpture of Ravens

Throughout the city of Loveland Colorado, sculptures can be seen at many intersections or in the city parks. The Benson Sculpture Garden on 29th has the largest concentration of sculptures. In some cases the landscaping has grown around the sculpture hiding the beauty of the work. What do I know. Perhaps that is what the artist wanted.

There are over 100 sculptures in the ten acre park surrounding a pond. Each time I go through the park, I always come away with The Ravens as my favorite. This is the 2013 photo.

A slightly overcast day is a perfect time to take a walk and get good photos without too many shadows on the sculptures.

Click here to see photos of the sculpture collection in the park.


  1. Beautiful sculptures - I'll bet the sculpture of the ravens looked like real birds.

  2. We happened upon that sculpture garden this year while we were in Longmont and loved it. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me so it didn't make the blog.

  3. There's a huge sculpture show in Loveland next month.

    1. Been to the show three or four times in the past. The most recent visit was about three years ago.

  4. Those ravens are magnificant!


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