Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Neighborhood Walk

Time for a walk to get some exercise, I walked that 44th and Tennyson neighborhood in Denver. First photo stop was the Oriental Theater. Opening in 1927, it was the same year for the first "talkie" -- The Jazz Singer.

 Micro breweries have been around for a couple of decades. Seems now you can make your own liquors. I would have gotten the details if the place was open when I walked by. Going to have to go back some afternoon to get the full story.

A wrought iron fence creates an interesting and playful pattern on the sidewalk.

Walking along, I noted in an antique store window there were items dating to my childhood. Perhaps not antiques. Maybe just collectibles for someone. Not me.

Checking out the inside of the store, it seemed that about half the store was for toys of all kinds and vintage. Lots of Hot Wheels in original boxes. Model cars from the 1950s. There were farm toys -- tractors and farm implements. Too bad I didn't hang onto some of those items. One item that I remember having as a kid had a price tag of $35. Not sure that would have been worth keeping all these years.

Then I noticed these spinning tops. This collection was of varying vintages. The sight reminded me of the humming top that was at my grandfather's house. It was something to entertain us kids while the folks did chatted. Perhaps there were other toys at his house, but that humming top is the only thing I remember.

Some buildings had murals. Had to pass on the murals because of the cars parked at the curb. Found one where I was able to get a photo of a section of a larger mural. Cars weren't blocking it this time. It was trees.

Nice walk and nice recollections. It was a great day.

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