Monday, September 12, 2011

Enough Already

That was the reaction when I heard rain on the roof -- once again last evening. Colorado in September should be clear cool days as the leaves take on fall color. The cool part was 42 degrees one morning (on my thermometer). But we are missing the clear part. Nor is there fall color.

Not this year. The only fall aspen color was right next to me at Ridgway SP. Note the sky in the background of the photo. That is the usual texture to the skies each day. The daily 50% chance of rain and cloudy skies does get in the way of enjoyable hiking. 

Boonie, Coffee Girl and I did manage to hike parts of the Perimeter Trail around Ouray. At one point we found ourselves far above Ouray on some cross trail. Turning around and heading back it was a longer hike than intended. Good exercise (the positive spin to the unintended).

During the hike we came up with solutions for world economic problems and design of a great RVing home on wheels for a single guy. Less conversation and trail concentration would have been a good idea. But what fun is there in that. Getting lost is fun and adds a little excitement to life. And Coffee Girl was having a great time.

Hitching up Wandrin Wagon the day after tomorrow, we are hoping for one good day of hiking tomorrow. No real complaints. Whatever happens, it will still be a great day.

Note: Boonie is driveway sitting for Mark and Bobbie as they travel and explore the Northwest US.

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