Saturday, September 17, 2011

Small World

Arrived at Monument Valley in the rain. Wandering around the parking lot taking photos in the rain I heard, "Is that you, Lloyd". Turned around to see Diana. Wondered if I was going to stay in primitive parking. I was.

Parked. Could the view get any better from the window of Wandrin Wagon.

Later chatted with Diana and Phil. We caught up on each others lives and travels. It's a small world after all. (Now try to get that tune out of your head.)

A post in a few days will be of photos of the beautiful moods of Monument Valley.


  1. Monument Valley is one of my very favorite places. It looks liek you may be parked right where we wre, have the sheep come wandering through yet? I can't wait to see your pictures

  2. Great to see you, Lloyd. But you could have cloned that white car out of the picture...

  3. Love the African Violet though...

  4. Kate, No sheep, but horses and the usual rez dogs did come through.

    Diana, Maybe when posting the MV photos, I will repost the photo sans car.
    Sorry. Not an African Violet. Really just part of a bouquet of "make believes" from Wal-Mart. Kind of looks like a hydrangea.

  5. Hey, the car is the only thing that keeps it from looking fake! Unbelievable view.


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