Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bad Service Savings

The Dinosaur Museum (in Fruita) was driven by several times as I explored the area. On one pass with nothing better to do, I drove into the parking lot. There I sat having an argument with myself about the pros and cons of going in. Couldn't resolve the argument so I went into the Museum.

No one was at the counter to take my money. I could see the clerk at another counter in the gift shop. She could see me, but for whatever reason, she didn't come to get my money. While standing there --  from the museum -- I could hear the dinosaur roars directly from a Japanese monster horror flick. Also a couple of kid screams was when I opted not to do the museum. Good thing she didn't come.

I would check the book selection in the gift store. The place was designed for kids. After scanning the few books that were not designed for children, I found one that identified the archaeology and anthropology stops in Colorado. Sounded like a nice guide for current and future reference. Wandered to the counter to pay. Now the clerk was sitting in the office at a desk. If she looked up she could see me. She didn't. Waiting patiently, I looked at dinosaur themed times on the counter. Still no clerk. I took the selected book back to the shelf. Good thing she didn't come.

Bad service had just saved me over $20. It was a good day.


  1. I've had similar experiences that saved me some money but I was still frustrated.

  2. I agree with gumo. Frustrating at best. You wonder about employees and if the boss knows. We stopped into a Hyundai dealer in Tucson to take a look and possibly test drive one. The only person on duty barely glanced up when we entered the showroom. He got up, looked out the window and sat down. As we left I said to George, "If that is representative of their service, I don't want to buy a Hyundai." I sent an email to the dealership letting them know how they lost a potential customer and never heard back. Don't know if we would have bought one but they lost more than $20!


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