Monday, September 19, 2011

Monument Valley Teaser

I followed Diana's suggestion to remove the white car from the photo that I took through the window of Wandrin Wagon. Photoshop does wonders.

Much better photo without the car.

Wandrin Wagon and Silver Slug are frequently found in my photos. Those photos will eventually appear on the masthead of my blog. Not the best shot of the mittens in the background, but it is unmistakably Monument Valley where I am parked.

Primitive camping included RVs of all sizes, tents, vans, etc. The reason to be here was to capture a photo of the monuments at sunset. And sunrise. Of those many photographers, Dave was from Tampa. Another was Zoltan from Las Vegas. They were just two of many many more. They were here -- like me -- to capture the many moods of Monument Valley.

This post closes with a silhouette of one of those many photographers at sunset. 

Tomorrow's post will -- finally -- be photos of Monument Valley's many moods.

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