Sunday, October 3, 2010

Napa Valley Tour

Over the recent two weeks, Napa Valley's wineries, vineyards, and grapes have provided numerous photo ops. A few of those can been seen in Napa Valley Tour.

While in the Napa Valley, I had the opportunity to meet John and Susan. They are in the planning and research mode for becoming full time RVers in less than two years. One of the fifth wheel manufacturers on their short list is New Horizons. Passing through the area, this was an opportunity for John and Susan to see a New Horizons unit.

When I arrived, John noted they were attending an upcoming RV show at the Alameda Fairgrounds. Since I had never been to an RV show, I invited myself along. Needless to say, John was surprised that I had never been to one. My impression of the trailers, coaches and fifth wheels we toured: lots of space with all the slides. Wandrin Wagon is just the right size. I have a hard time keeping this little space clean and uncluttered.

Both John and Susan have jobs in the wine industry. John is the winemaker at Bell Wine Cellars. John was a wealth of information about the horticulture of grapes, harvesting and the wine making. Perhaps John and Susan learned something about full time living in an RV. However,  it was a fair trade since I learned a lot about wine making.

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  1. I've been to a few RV shows. After an hour or so, I usually begin to suffer from information overload.

    Great photo of the bunch of grapes!

    - Joe


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