Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Potential Settling Place

Morgan Hill, CA has been placed on the short list.

  • Good year round weather.
  • No snow.
  • Close to ocean for visits.
  • Bay area is close from San Jose to San Francisco and Monterey.
  • Train to the city or catch Amtrak or -- perhaps even -- a plane.
  • Agricultural products range from wine to garlic to flowers to trees.
  • Numerous hiking trails.
  • US101 is a three lane freeway at Morgan Hill.
  • Whole Foods is 20 miles distant.
  • California traffic moves too fast.
  • Higher costs for car insurance and licensing/registration.

Just another option and something to think about.


  1. Whenever you are experiencing a moment of weakness and are actually considering Morgan Hill or anywhere else in CA as a settling down spot, just give me a call and I'll slap some sense back into you! :-)

  2. Oh you Californians, you can't be too far away from a whole foods!! LOL Snicker LOL

    Not in California

  3. Hey Lloyd,

    ONE more "negative" if it's important to you: income tax!

    Capital gains, retirement pay-outs and 401k/IRA distributions are all subject to CA's (approx) 10% income tax rate... notwithstanding various adjustments for "lower income" categories (and deductions, if any).

    -DonF (on NHOG)


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