Sunday, October 10, 2010

Book: "We Are Doomed: by John Derbyshire

Full title is "We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism". The author's blasting of "feel good" platitudes and beliefs was the reason I picked up the book. Book subject headings include diversity, sex, education, culture, religion, war, immigration and others. In each the author discusses the "progress" (or not) made in dealing with the issue.

Regardless of the reader's political bent, all can learn from what the author accepts as "what is." However, he proposes a more pessimistic approach may have worked as well with the same results. The author may appear racist, a misogynist or anti immigration. However, I assume the author -- with the history and information at hand -- wants the reader to really think about the issues rather than giving into what seems right.

Each author is biased and Derbyshire is no different. However, it might be a disturbing discovery to realize who we really are.

The book reminded me of a recently received "chain email". Searching the internet, I found this article on The Peaceful Majority. As I read the article, I had the nagging concern that the tea party group and the far right wing of the Republican party might also be a radical group -- who happen to have all the right answers for how you should live your life. Think about it.

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