Sunday, October 24, 2010

Car Show

The Palm Springs Air Museum was the location for a benefit with Chili Cookoff and car show. When it was possible to identify a car without looking at the logo, there was this 1964 Lincoln with a return to the "suicide doors" of the 1930s. I've always liked the simple lines of unstated elegance of the car.

There were other cars at the show that were restored to stock condition. There was a 1930 Cadillac (V16) and a 1930 era Rolls Royce among others.

There were also the usual recognizable shape of cars of years ago, but the car became something else as a result of the restorer's interpretation with the engine being the focus of the car. The hood is up and the engine has no grime -- anywhere.

In those long ago days, the cars were identifiable. Today, the only way to find a Lincoln in a parking lot is to look for the Lincoln logo. No unique styling today. They all resemble each other -- including colors.... And a luxury brand with a SUV model. What is this world coming to.

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