Friday, October 15, 2010

Hiked Once... Followed By Eating

With Yvonne and John in the lead, we were off on a hike. Probably about five miles. We caught up on our respective travels and lives. Then it was off to a late lunch at a cafe.

A couple of days later, they invited me to their house (and botanic garden including koi pond) for dinner.

No. We didn't have koi for dinner. John did a chicken (not one from his flock) on the rotisserie. Wow. Tasty. John also knows how to cook along with his many other talents. Followed by more talk as we resolved a very small portion of the world's problems -- and left many more for another time.

Knowing that I like to dine off the beaten path, they recommended Carnitas Michoachan in nearby Gilroy. Continuing the habit of eating, that was the destination for my lunch yesterday. The carnitas burrito was the choice. That was excellent. Tasty and tender. The green salsa was -- hate saying this -- the best I have ever tasted. More salsa. Ate the whole burrito. And felt stuffed the rest of the day.

Last evening's dinner was a small dish of vanilla ice cream -- with maple syrup.

Fasting for a day would be a good thing. Perhaps for some one else.

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  1. My parents used to live in Gilroy, I had many visits there! As we drove from south San Jose down the back roads, we could smell onions and/or garlic. The Garlic Festival serves up everything garlic. Used to be a small farming area, probably much different now.


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