Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cute. Efficient. Compact.

When giving tours of Wandrin Wagon's less than 200 square feet, those are some of the comments I've heard. Some would say that I may have taken minimalism a bit too seriously. Some have wondered out loud how I could live in something so small. Have to wonder what could make my home better or more livable. My home has a complete kitchen with a table and chair, a bed, and a bathroom. I "want" for nothing more in a home. A larger RV would have more floor space, more furniture, more slides, etc. All of that would mean -- more maintenance.

That 200 square feet is more than enough space to drag around all the basics for a home from dishes, to linens, to a few cleaning supplies. Unfortunately, that leaves enough space for a few things that I "want" to make my living more interesting -- such as a computer, iPad, iPod, cameras, (too many) books and satellite radio.

Minimalism is an important criteria when differentiating wants from needs. Perhaps the country's financial crisis could have been averted if more of the consuming public had been able to determine the difference.

If a minimalist home is your thing, check out Tumbleweed Houses to see some truly small plans for homes.

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  1. I saw some mico homes at a few years ago that look interesting.


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