Friday, August 15, 2014

Mercedes RV

Found this Mercedes four door sedan in a Prescott parking lot.

I am not sure what the intent was.

Could it have been a retro 1940s woodie wagon on a Mercedes frame. Or is this a very compact RV. There appears to be some kind of air conditioning unit on the top rear. Could that be a solar panel mid center near the top. To stretch the possibilities further, was it a recycled boat to provide a roof for this camping vehicle.

With no person around, there was no way to get the story behind what I assume to be a Mercedes RV.


  1. That would make an interesting tour.

  2. That's just crazy. Would have been interesting to meet the owner.

  3. That thing on the roof is a swamp cooler. I recognize the shape. Sold for many years under the name "Recair". So the owner is ready for some serious warm weather camping. Trouble is that particular cooler uses about (1) gallon of water an hour in hot dry air....don't know how many gallons of heavy old water that old Benz can haul.


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