Sunday, August 10, 2014

Toilet Operating Instructions

After arriving at the rental park model, I posted the blog entry Three Flush Toilet. The post was a tirade about the toilet needing three flushes to do what it should be design to do in one -- flush contents of the bowl.

Let's call it an operator error. About two weeks ago for some reason I held down the flush trigger a little longer than usual. A whole lot more water came swooshing into the bowl to send the contents to the sewer. With more testing and experimenting, I found that the toilet has a half -- and full flush. On rare occasions, I have had to do a second full flush.

I plead ignorance. Without operating instructions posted on the toilet, how was I to know the intricacies of how to flush this toilet.


  1. Have you been stomping the floor as a left over from the RV world?

    1. Yes. When I first moved into Old Yeller in Tucson last January, I did a lot of stomping to flush the toilet. That habit died quickly.

      Another habit died much more slowly. Just a couple of days ago when getting into Oyster (Toyota Highlander), I turned the ignition and waited for the glow plugs to warm up. That wait was required on Silver Slug with its diesel engine. No longer required with Oyster. :-))

    2. Life was simpler on the farm in Wisconsin where you only had to pick which hole to use. Younger people might not get what this means, but I am sure you will. LOL

    3. There was a three holer back on the farm. The farm house (built 1912) where I grew up had a bathroom -- upstairs. When doing farm chores, the outhouse was more convenient than making a run to the house.


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