Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Favored Color Is Blue

Yesterday was a gray day with frequent rains. Fortunately I am not prone to depression. If that were a health problem, the gray skies would have been a contributor to a really bad day.

Last evening near sunset there was a fleeting moment of blue sky seen through the clouds.

Over night, Nature moved those clouds east and this morning the sky was my favorite color. Blue. Beautiful.

More of the same is predicted for tomorrow. Off for a solo hike tomorrow morning.

That gray, overcast and cool day was a warning of cooler days to come. Last night's low was 57 degrees. Being a warm weather type guy, it is time to get a jump on the snowbird traffic heading south. :-))

Saturday morning I will pack up and head home to Tucson. With one or two stops (one in Phoenix) to stretch my legs along the way I will be back home by early afternoon.

With blue skies predicted for Saturday, it will be a good drive.

Note: If I happen to wake to a rainy day on Saturday, I will delay my journey awaiting blue skies. I don't drive long distances on rainy days. That was an established habit when I was towing a trailer around the country. There is no change in that habit.

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  1. Good idea to not travel on rainy days. No need to tempt the fates. Blue skies with a few clouds is hard to beat. It's rainy where I am today.


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