Thursday, September 5, 2013

Around Salida

Downtown Salida is still in business. There were no empty store fronts. If there were any, I missed them. Remodeling of old buildings was in progress. The paint on the old commercial buildings is new. The new paint on this building dated 1890 is an example of what could be found all around the downtown.

Preserving the old is also important for Salida with this painted advertisement on the side of the Manhattan Hotel. The Coca Cola painting overlaid the Snowdrift shortening advertising. 

Considering the roof rack and the smoke stack on this one time delivery truck, this flowered vehicle must be a home on wheels.

During my stay on the Arkansas River, the campers' homes were tents, vans, fiberglass trailers, to 40 foot class A coaches. A relatively new SUV pulled in with this trailer.

Since my arrival on Sunday, every afternoon it clouded up and there was rain every day -- some days more than others. Today was the hot day. And no rain. This morning I noted the Arkansas River looked like flowing talcum powder. Found out later that was the result of a rain cell yesterday that dropped a lot of water on the Chalk Creek drainage.

I wonder what happens to the trout in the stream. Do they survive this. It would be pretty hard to see anything in the water. Nature can be beautiful, but nature can also be very cruel.

It's not a perfect world, but I still had a great day.

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  1. I think Salida is my very favorite place. That's weird about the chalk on the river. Never saw that.


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